10 Sensible Snorkelling Tips

Anyone can snorkel, some as young as two years of age! Visit your local dive and snorkelling centre for advice on how to get into this fantastic pastime. Find out the best place to go for the safest snorkelling conditions of the day.You can snorkel as young as two year old.
Ask the dive/snorkel centre if they hire mask, snorkel and fins – if it is your first time snorkelling it’s sometimes better to hire the equipment. You want to make sure you enjoy it before spending money on your own mask, snorkel and fins.
Never go snorkelling on your own; the safest and most enjoyable way is to do it with a friend. If it’s your first time snorkelling find out if the dive/snorkelling centre run any organised programs such as snorkelling safaris. This way you will get some great tips on what to do.
You’ve been out for a snorkel, had the best time ever and want to go again next weekend. Think about getting your own equipment so it’s in the garage ready to go when you are.
Not sure which mask, snorkel, fins to get? Talk to your dive/snorkel centre, they can explain the differences between brands and prices. They will also make sure you are fitted properly for mask and fins to ensure the gear you get is the best for you!Snorkeling Jervis Bay
Now that you’ve bought your own snorkelling gear you want to make sure it last’s, so look after it properly – rinse in fresh water after each use and leave to dry in the shade. Prolonged exposure to UV rays will perish the materials used in the equipment.
Having problems with your mask fogging up on you, even though you prepare it properly – spit onto the inside of the lenses, wipe the saliva around, rinse and place straight onto your face! Next time try rubbing some white toothpaste on the inside of the lens for 2 or 3 minutes then rinse. Then do the “spit” thing and enjoy a fog free snorkel trip. If your spit just doesn’t work you can get commercial anti-fog to keep your mask free from fog!
So…. Your pretty confident now going from the beach snorkelling and checking out all the great fish life. How about being more adventurous and booking onto a boat snorkelling trip with the local dive/snorkel centre. It’s a great way to see beautiful Jervis Bay Marine Park and go to sites that are only accessible by boat.snorkelling safe and fun
Snorkelling is great all year round; even in winter, when visibility is usually at it’s best. You get to see different types of fish and marine life, compared to summer. Learn about what you see, most dive/snorkel centres have fish ID Books and slates, being knowledgeable about the environment you are visiting makes your snorkelling excursions even more interesting. Extend your snorkelling season and look at getting a wetsuit to keep you warm and comfortable on those brisk winter days. A wetsuit is also great for sun protection through summer.
You’ve mastered all the snorkelling skills and enjoy duck diving down a couple of metres to take a closer look at that friendly Blue Groper but you want more…. Think about joining Dive Jervis Bay for a Discover Scuba Diving experience and see what it’s like to stay underwater for longer than a breath hold.


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